Upcoming Events

    • 08 May 2015
    • 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Palace Electric Theatre, New Acton Nishi Building, 2 Phillip Law Street, Canberra

    NEXT TECH - Expect the Future.

    Australia’s security-orientated technology and industry sector is vital to ensuring future regional security and prosperity. Yet the sector faces many challenges, as well as opportunities. Next Tech is a unique forum to pose new ideas and thinking on the role of Australia’s national security technology and industry sector, and develop ways to build a growth-orientated next-generation industry. Building on the success of our innovative ideas forum, Next, comes Next Tech – our new forum where future strategic leaders share forward thinking ideas for a next-generation national security tech-sector.

    Picture this. Seven future strategic leaders* delivering six-minute bursts about a topic they’re passionate about a topic they also feel is of importance to Australia’s national security.

    And their talks are engaging, edgy and arguing a specific point or position. Expect innovative thinking and insights, even some controversy. A sloppy slide-show it’s not.

    It runs for one hour in the arthouse-style setting of Palace Electric Theatre, and is followed by a networking event.  It is your chance to engage in conversation with Australia’s future security leaders.

    This is Next Tech.

    In partnership with

    • 22 May 2015
    • 5:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • 24 May 2015
    • 2:00 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • ANU Kioloa Coastal Campus

    Keynote Speaker: Mr Michael Pezzullo, Secretary - Department of Immigration and Border Protection

    The infringement on economic and national interests is often viewed as an act of war, and war is about preserving economy.  This Congress will examine the long term issues of coercion or denial of access around SLOCs and the potential impacts of disruption to the flow of trade.

    Australia's economic and national wellbeing is inextricably linked to the security of sea lines of communication as seaborne trade is the bedrock of the Australian economy. The international trading system is complex, aspects of it are heavily regulated, and it is vulnerable to natural disasters, actions by non-state actors and at the most extreme, is a legitimate focus of hostile action in war.

    Expected to take part are senior executives and keynote speakers from organisations including the Department of Defence, the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, The Attorney General’s Department, The Australian Federal Police, the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet, Academics and Industry.

    The congress will also provide Australia’s future strategic leaders with an introduction to the core skills necessary for working in the strategic environment, including:

    • Strategic thinking – making the connections between operational and strategic outcomes

    • Writing for national security – presenting information for decision making

    • Negotiation and facilitation skills – working in groups and solving problems

    Who should attend: Individuals who joined the national security community during the last 10 years or are currently studying and aspire to join the national security community.

    • 17 Jun 2015
    • 12:30 PM - 2:30 PM (UTC+10:00)
    • Boathouse on the Lake, Menindee Drive, BARTON, ACT

    In the public eye, data breaches are always the work of external hackers, but around one-third of cybercrime incidents involve insiders. Government agencies and companies must remain ever vigilant against leaks and inadvertent exposure of confidential information. At this lunch, Keith Lowry will discuss:

    How best practice security policies and processes can minimise the threat of insider breaches and lessons from high profile investigations.

    Why Australian organisations should consider the joint intelligence centre model developed in US military intelligence to address these threats.

    Case studies of public - and private - sector organisations in the United States that have used this model to address the threat and take corrective action before breaches became public knowledge.

    Mr Lowry has more than a 25 years of experience with insider threat, counterintelligence, and intelligence collection programs in the United States. Please join members of the IFRS Board  for a luncheon including a presentation and Q&A with Mr Lowry during his visit to Australia.

    More info:  Nuix_and_IFRS_Lunch_17_June_2015.pdf

    This luncheon is proudly sponsored by NUIX

Past Events

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30 May 2014 Future Strategic Leaders' Congress
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27 Mar 2014 National Security Careers Night 2014
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06 Dec 2013 FSLP Networking event
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26 Sep 2013 FSLP September Networking Event - Canberra
18 Sep 2013 Future Strategic Leaders' Program and USI of the ACT: Brigadier Syed Aamer Raza
29 Aug 2013 Canberra: FSLP - Stephan de Spiegeleire, Hague Centre for Strategic Studies
21 Aug 2013 Future Strategic Leaders' Program and USI of the ACT: Is Australia a Fragile State?
10 Jul 2013 Canberra: Future Strategic Leaders' Program - Dr Phillip Karber
09 Jul 2013 Sydney: Future Strategic Leaders' Program - Dr Phillip Karber
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01 May 2013 Future Strategic Leaders' Program and USI of the ACT AVM John Blackburn AO Retd
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26 Nov 2012 Kokoda Foundation Special Seminar
14 Nov 2012 Kokoda Foundation Professional Development Workshop 2012
30 Oct 2012 Kokoda Foundation Special Seminar
23 Oct 2012 Sydney YSLF - Prof Ross Babbage- The Military Rise of China: What Should the US and Australia Do?
18 Oct 2012 Canberra YSLF October Seminar - Mr Jason Mundy
19 Sep 2012 The Kokoda Young Strategic Leaders' Forum and USI of the ACT Present a Special September Seminar - MAJ GEN SOHAIL AHMAD KHAN
30 Aug 2012 YSLF August Networking Event
24 Jul 2012 Canberra YSLF - Challenges and Opportunities for Today’s Intelligence Community Dr Warren Tucker Director New Zealand Security Intelligence Service
21 Jun 2012 Canberra YSLF - Lieutenant General (retired) Agus Widjoyo
19 Apr 2012 Sydney Seminar - Senator The Hon David Feeney
12 Apr 2012 National Security Careers Night 2012
25 Jan 2012 Washington YSLF - AMB Kim Beazley and AMB Richard Armitage
21 Nov 2011 Canberra YSLF - Nick Harvey MP – Minister of State (Minister for the Armed Forces) for the Ministry of Defence
14 Nov 2011 Sydney Seminar - Angel Rabasa, RAND Corporation
03 Nov 2011 Canberra YSLF - The Coming Famine: Risks and Solutions For Global Food Security
08 Sep 2011 Canberra YSLF - National Crisis and Coordination Centre
27 Jul 2011 Canberra YSLF - Dr Tom Mahnken and David Hamon
19 Jul 2011 Sydney Seminar - Professor Michael L'Estrange
30 Jun 2011 Canberra YSLF - ASIO / ASIS: Their Role in the National Security Community
20 May 2011 Young Strategic Leaders' Congress (May)
21 Apr 2011 YSLF April Seminar with Ambassador Jeffrey L. Bleich
24 Mar 2011 YSLF March Networking Event
24 Mar 2011 YSLF March Seminar Australia's Strategic Edge in 2030, Ross Babbage
24 Feb 2011 National Security Coordination in Australia, Duncan Lewis
03 Dec 2010 Young Strategic Leaders' Congress (December)
30 Sep 2010 Collaborative Leadership, Roger Powell
09 Sep 2010 National Security in the 21st century – an address by the Director General of Security, ASIO, David Irvine
26 Aug 2010 Navy: Transition to Force 2030, RADM Davyd Thomas
29 Jul 2010 National Security in the Digital Age, Prakash Mirchandani
24 Jun 2010 Industry's Role in providing National Security
21 May 2010 Young Strategic Leaders' Congress (May)
29 Apr 2010 Law and justice sector reform in the Pacific: How can Australia adapt its assistance to specific local contexts?
25 Mar 2010 National Security Careers Night