How We Conduct Research

A notable feature of almost all Kokoda Foundation research is that it is undertaken in close cooperation with relevant senior officials and others who are directly engaged in relevant functions or who carry relevant responsibilities. Typically such projects involve two or more closed workshops that engage relevant senior officials and others with strong expertise of relevance to the future issues that are being considered. Because these projects rarely revolve around immediate policy imperatives, frank, open and free-ranging debate is the norm. Innovative new insights and approaches are frequently generated. Sponsoring organisations are always offered opportunities to participate in such closed workshops and other research activities.

When appointed by the Kokoda Foundation Board, Research Team Leaders assume responsibility for all aspects of planning and managing the assigned project from the development of the initial outline plan to the release of the published report. Research project reports generally to carry the name of the Team Leader and they are usually considered to be personal publications.

Draft research reports are generally circulated to all active project participants for comment prior to the report's finalisation. Nevertheless, the Foundation retains complete independence over the editorial approach taken within all of the organisation's reports.

Several interested parties have raised the possibility of the Kokoda Foundation conducting research on particuarly sensitive issues without open publication. The Board of the Foundation is prepared to consider such possibilities on a case-by-case basis.

The board of the Foundation is open to conducting research projects on topics that are:

Future Oriented

Topics that are clearly or potentially very important for Australia's future. There is little interest in historical analysis unless they are brief and conducted merely to throw light on an important future challenge. Similarly, the Foundation does not plan to engage extensively in routine politico-military commentary on current events. The Foundation plans to focus on the large tides and the potentially huge swells of the future rather than on the ripples of today.

Concern Australia's Security

Topics that relate to Australia's security - broadly defined. The Foundation is not only concerned with military security, but also with economic, resource, human, bio-technological and information system security, to name just a few.

Clearly Represent a Challenge

Topics that are clearly of considerable importance to Australia's security in the future will receive priority.

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