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Security Challenges V9.N4 Summer 2013

20 Dec 2013 6:01 PM | Project Officer (Administrator)

Nuclear Policy, Defence Funding and more:
Summer 2013 edition now online

The Summer 2013 edition of Security Challenges contains topical articles on the Australian nuclear policy, defence policy choices and funding, and maritime security in the Southwest Pacific.

John Carlson examines whether Australia could strengthen the non-proliferation regime by creating an international uranium enrichment facility, Ramesh Thakur updates us on the recently released State of Play report on non-proliferation and disarmament, while Wayne Reynolds examines the potential for nuclear-powered submarines to one day feature as part of Australia's forces.

Paul Dibb and Richard Brabin-Smith examine defence policy choices for the new government, and Andrew Carr and Peter Dean critique the use of the '2% of GDP' goal for defence funding.

In addition, Sam Bateman and Quentin Hanich examine maritime security issues in Australia's 'inner arc'.

Full text PDFs of the articles in this edition are now available online - see the table of contents of this edition. Hard copies can be ordered here.

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