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01 Jun 2011 8:36 PM | Anonymous

The Foundation's current major research projects are:

Maritime Domain Awareness Study 

This study seeks to characterise the trends influencing Australia's maritime security environment as well as  indentifying emerging threats and challenges - looking forward to 2030.  It also aims to suggest possible policy and capability responses.

Protecting Australia's Maritime Border: Towards 2030

This study, undertaken at the request of Australian Customs and Border Protection, aims to characterise the trends and threats which are likely to  challenge the integrity of Australia's maritime borders looking ahead to 2030.

Global Resource Security Project

The Kokoda Foundation will undertake research into the Security implications of future global resource challenges.  High-level environmental, social and economic systems analysis highlights the risk in the medium term of growing shortages of energy, food, water and other resources.  Such shortages will pose grave threats to national international security

The Kokoda Fondation Board has several other major research projects under active consideration.

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